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Our orientation program will help you get started at AEA. During orientation we will show you around, help you get ready for study and make you feel at home in Melbourne.

All students are required to attend an orientation program, as part of commencing their course. During the orientation, students will receive useful information about the course, the support services and the policies and procedures available at Australian Education Academy (AEA). Students will be get the opportunity to see the campus and meet key staff members, giving students an opportunity to become familiar with the support staff that will assist them during the enrollment and study period at AEA.

The following is included in the orientation program:

Welcome by the RTO Manager.

  • – Introduction to the Training Manager
  • – The Student Handbook will be given
  • – Advice on how to successfully complete your studies
  • – Information on assessment tasks, e.g. tests, projects, practical assessment tasks
  • – The Student Code of Conduct: what is expected of you
  • – The Course Progress Policy
  • – The Refund Policy
  • – The Complaints and Appeals Policy
  • – The Reassessment Policy
  • – The Course Cancellation and Withdrawal Policy
  • – Information about payment of fees
  • – Class timetables
  • – Campus information and directions to the locations
  • – Student support services information including the counseling services, job assistance, accommodation and other activities.
  • – Essential student visa requirements including course progress and student contact details
  • – Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) information
  • – Issue your student identification card


All students have access to a library of resources. The library collection includes books, journals, audio-visual materials as well as other physical and electronic resources and provides study desks and other work spaces for students.

The library also contains photocopiers and printers for student use. Resources may be borrowed via the library team.

Computer access

Students have access to public computers in all classrooms and some breakout spaces.

Wi Fi access

All AEA facilities have full student Wi-Fi access.

Break out rooms for group work

These rooms may be booked by students for group work, or private study groups.

Kitchen Facility

Students have access to a kitchen facility. A refrigerator and microwaves are available for student use.

First Aid Facilities

A First Aid Kit is available within the Student Services area. Staff will respond immediately to requests for first aid assistance.


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