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AEA provides resources and support to help students make the most of their time in Australia from the moment they accept an offer till they graduate. AEA makes every effort to assist students to make the transition to their new surroundings and help them feel at home. We regularly consult with students to gather feedback on their experience at the AEA and continually strive to develop and improve our services. The result is a supportive and safe environment that plays a crucial role in ensuring that every student is able to perform at their best.

AEA offers the following student support services

Student Support Officers

They will generally be the first person(s), students turn to when they have a question or problem. Normally it will be Trainers/Teachers or Student Support Services officers or Manger student Administration.

Learning Support Services

The support services include professional and qualified counsellors on request, English language support on request if unable to cope with the course work, student support officers, Student Welfare Officer and RTO Manager.

Counselling Services

AEA arranges for specialised Counselling services on request which may entail additional costs. General Counselling Services are provided free of costs to assist students in developing the personal skills and qualities necessary for success in their study program. Where personal or practical concerns interfere with student’s ability to study, these services can assist students to resolve the immediate issues and develop strategies for the future. Students may wish to speak to a counsellor about matters such as

  • Adjusting to living in a new culture
  • Coping with relationship and family issues
  • Dealing with homesickness, stress or depression
  • Managing time, or
  • Maintaining motivation

Student Information

AEA provides a vast amount of information to support and inform students studying at the Academy. This information flow extends from the moment the student expresses interest in studying at the AEA to the moment they depart from Australia to go home with a complete qualification.

The information provided that is specifically focussed on student support includes but is not limited to :

  • Website material
  • Orientation programs
  • Student handbooks
  • Student agreements
  • Referral guide
  • Codes of conduct

Student Support Facilities

AEA provides students with :

  • Free Internet access to complete research and assignments
  • Recreation room (common room)

Orientation Program

The orientation program conducted by the AEA for all students on commencement at the AEA is an important part of our support services. At this meeting we provide information on all aspects of AEA’s operation and culture. We invite spokespersons from the Victoria police (subject to their availability); from Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)(subject to their availability); and representatives of OSHC providers to ensure that students are well aware of their rights and obligations as international students and aware of the supportive role that can be provided by them.

At the orientation program students are addressed by the student Welfare Officer who explain their role in providing information and support in relation to adjusting to living in a new culture, coping with relationship and family issues, dealing with homesickness, stress or depression, managing time, or maintaining motivation.

At the orientation program students are informed of the Student Support Services that they can avail, the climate conditions that prevail in Victoria, AEA policies and procedures and other information that is useful for their safe and enjoyable experience in Australia. Students are also provided with information on their rights and responsibilities and the Visa conditions.

Other Information includes

  • Accommodation : provide referral services. Informed how to find accommodation. Referred to different agents.
  • Visa renewals : Students informed about the process and referred to the Immigration office. Guided to the website
  • Homesickness, handled by the Counsellors
  • Legal services; availability of free legal aid such as from Legalaid or Western Suburbs legal Services INC(Melbourne)
  • Tax files number applications : Student informed about the process and referred to the Australian taxation office. Told about the website
  • Part time job : Guidance to job postings on various websites such as those from and others
  • Financial issues
  • Community Bodies
  • Student social outings – such as barbecues, trips to local attractions, involvement in community events
  • Student code of conduct

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