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The Importance of the Graduation Ceremony


It is a much beneficial ritual in educational institutions everywhere.

At the end of every course, graduating students, whether they’re little kids in primary school or international students in college, walk solemnly towards the stage elegantly dressed in their robes and tassels. One cannot underestimate the significance of such a moment as every student’s journey towards graduation is filled with all sorts of trials, challenges, hard work and dedication that has been put in over time.

However, graduation is not so much an ending, but a new beginning. For our Australian Education Academy student’s graduation maybe the beginning of new careers, or maybe an advancement on an existing career.

Therefore, it is fitting, that we as an institution honour this momentous occasion appropriately.

There is no need for a grand celebration but a quiet get-together with family and friends to give honour to the graduate’s accomplishment whilst studying here at Australian Education Academy.

Proceedings of recently held Graduation Ceremony

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