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Entry requirements differ from course to course. The entry requirements in general are listed below:

 (a) Age requirement

All students must be 18 years or over at the time of entry into Australia or at the scheduled course com­mencement, whichever is earlier.

 (b) Academic requirement*


Level of study Academic Requirement
Certificate III Satisfactory completion of the equivalent of Australian Year 10 or higher
Certificate IV Satisfactory completion of the equivalent of Australian Year 11 or Certificate III or higher
Diploma Satisfactory completion of the equivalent of Australian Year 12 or Certificate IV or higher
Advanced Diploma Satisfactory completion of the equivalent of Australian Year 12 or Diploma or higher

(c) English language requirement

International students, applying either off-shore or on-shore will require:

  • A minimum IELTS (General) test score of 5.5 or equivalent for direct entry into a VET course. OR,
  • IELTS score of 5.0 or equivalent with a General English (ELICOS) course up to ten (10) weeks) before the main VET course plus successful completion of the College’s Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Test on completion of the General English (ELICOS) program,
  • IELTS score of 4.5 or equivalent with a General English (ELICOS) course up to twenty (20) weeks) before the main VET course plus successful completion of the College’s Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Test on completion of the General English (ELICOS) program. Results older than two (2) years are not accepted. OR,
  • Evidence that they have studied in English for at least five (5) years in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, South Africa, United Kingdom or United States of America. OR,
  • Evidence that within two (2) years of their application date they have successfully completed a foundation course or a senior secondary certificate of education or a substantial part of a Certificate IV or higher-level AQF qualification. OR,
  • For onshore applicants, if an applicant has not attended an IELTS or equivalent program or if the IELTS has expired, and they are unsure of their proficiency, they will be required to attend English Placement Test conducted by the college.
  • For offshore applicants, if an applicant cannot produce a satisfactory IELTS score or equivalent and if there are doubts about the English language skills to cope in an academic environment, the applicant will be advised to enrol in an English as a Second Language course/ ELICOS course, for an appropriate duration until the student achieves an equivalent of IELTS score required by the course.

 Course specific requirement

  • For Hospitality courses, Candidates should be able to handle and cook dairy products and non-vegetarian food items including pork, beef and may involve alcohol.
  • For Automotive Students, all students should be physically able to work in an automotive re­pair facility, if necessary with reasonable adjustment.

A table of entry requirements – academic pre-requisites by country for various qualifications is placed as Appendix A of Student Enrolment Policy and Procedure policy.


Note: AEA accepts English entry equivalence from other sources as well, which are listed at Appendix B of Student Enrolment Policy and Procedure. Additionally, AEA can also accept a learner who has satisfactorily completed at least a Certificate IV level qualification in Australia (more than 50% of the course load allotted to the student) delivered and assessed in English within last 2 years.

(d) Unique Student Identifier (USI) requirement

The USI is a mandatory data element of the Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standard (AVETMISS). AVETMISS is the national data standard that ensures consistent and accurate capture and reporting of VET information about students. RTO must report a USI for every student undertaking nationally accredited training whenever they submit AVETMISS data as part of the National VET Provider Collection, unless an exemption applies. Students can create USI on their own or consent to AEA to create USI on their behalf.

(e) Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement

Applicants for Student visa must demonstrate they are coming to Australia temporarily with a genuine intention to study or to look after a person who is studying. Evidence and information in GTE requirement include following:

  • Previous study,
  • Gap in previous study,
  • Current employment,
  • Ties to home country or country of residence,
  • Economic situations in home country or country of residence,
  • Needs to fill a GTE form (provided with enrolment form itself)

The requirement of documents may vary from country to country depends upon visa risk level.

(f) LLN test

 Applicants intending to undertake VET courses at AEA are required to complete  mandatory LLN (Learning, Reading, Writing and Numeracy) test. AEA may authorise its Education Agent to ensure the offshore students to complete the LLN test under supervision. Student to complete the speaking and verbal question section at AEA campus post arrival in Australia. Agent to complete the Identification checklist supplied by AEA to ensure authenticity and validity. The agent mails the completed LLN test to AEA.

Onshore students will undertake LLN test at AEA or authorised Agents premises.

 (g) English Placement Test

 AEA will conduct a placement test to assess the level of English for those students who are onshore and do not have valid English test results such as IELTS/TOEFL/PTE or unable to provide the evidence that they are studying in Australia in past 2 years. The placement test will also be applied to those students who are issued with the CoEs after attending ELICOS from other colleges.

For more details, check our Student Enrolment policy and Procedure.

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